New Year, New Commute

With the new year upon us, why not make your New Year resolution to improve your commute. 

In our region, 76% of commuters drive alone to work. Anyone who commutes along our major highways, like the U.S. 422 Corridor which sees over 100,000 vehicles traveling on it per day, can attest that congestion is a real problem. Not only does congestion cost commuters time and money, but it also affects air quality and health. 

Whether you want to get healthier, save money or use your time more effectively, changing your commute can help make your resolutions a reality. Below are some ideas on how to improve your journey to work. 


Carpooling is one of the easiest alternatives you can participate in. A carpool typically consists of 2 to 4 people driving together to work in a personal vehicle. By simply sharing your ride to work you can help alleviate congestion, save time by sharing driving responsibilities, and save money by splitting the cost of gas and tolls (if applicable) and reducing wear and tear on your own vehicle. Check out for ways to find a carpool. 

Work from Home 

With the winter months in full swing and the anticipation of snow, working from home is another great alternative to avoid the stress of driving in traffic. By working from home just one day a week you can save money on the cost of your commute and time spent sitting in traffic. 

Remember you do not have to use an alternative every day. By using an alternative one time per week can make a difference on our roadways and save money!

Check out to find more information on commuting options, as well as “take a pledge” to try an alternative. Take the pledge and participate in contests to be entered to win raffle prizes for trying an altenrative. 

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