Do you want to use your time more productively and save money while commuting?  


422 My Way is a campaign to help commuters take back

their journey along the U.S. 422 Corridor. On this website,

you will find information on alternatives to driving alone

and resources to help your commute go more smoothly.

Between 2015 and 2045

Population will increase by

13.9% in Montgomery County

along with its employment increasing by


With an increasing population, it is inevitable that congestion on the U.S 422 Corridor will also continue to increase. GVF launched 422 My Way to help commuters find alternative ways of commuting along the 422 Corridor.   

On this website you will find information on alternatives to driving alone such as

Pledge to be happier, healthier and improve your journey!


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GVF's mission is to achieve a desirable quality of life and a healthy, competitive economic environment by developing multi-faceted transportation strategies. 

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